Brunelleschi's Dome Climbing

A great experience to admire Florence from the Dome's top.

We will discover one of the most important building in Florence, its history and all the couriosites around it.

Discover the secrets of our beautiful Dome.

With me, you have the occasion to arrive at the top point of view of Florence!

The way up (and down) is basically tight corridors used by the workmen who built the cathedral for maintenance, they were never thought of as being open to the public. They are narrow, the steps can be steep and the entire climb is 463 steps.



** Visitors are required to climb 463 steps. No lift (elevator) available.The Dome tour is not recommended for persons that are claustrophobic, cardiopathic, and in condition of pregnancy.


  • Ticket entrance. (€ 35,00 per person)
  • I'll help you to buy it on line in advance.